b2ap3_thumbnail_P1190691.JPGWell, the race has come. The training is done. I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be. Of course, there are doubts like did I work hard enough? Could I have done more? I feel bad for missing a few workouts, but sometimes life gets real and riding a bike seems like it can certainly wait.

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great post to read  I head to the Arrowhead with a lot of unknowns and some things I know for sure. I know I can ride a bike for 20 hours straight. I know I can get into a head space that allows me to become one with what I'm doing at that time. The things I don't know are directly related to the trail conditions. So much depends on what the trail will do. Will it be too soft? Will the warmer temps mush up the snow, causing my 60lbs rig to simply sink? Who knows? I guess the bottom line is everyone will be in the same situation.

on va sortir rencontres amoureuses  I plan to practice what I preach. I'll keep my head up, look around, stay in the moment, stay within myself physically and mentally. I look forward to riding at night, seeing the stars and feeling the trappings of everyday life slip away. The plan I take to this race is so much different than the others, but somehow I feel like it will give me the best experience I can have.

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24 heures annonces rencontre  I'll see you on the other side. Think good thoughts for us out there. And, when you're slipping into your bed, remind yourself that we're still "Doin' It". That's pretty cool.

my company  If you want to see if my "dot" is still moving. You can check in on me at Track Leaders.